9 Secrets How to Get Best Pose as Romantic Couples

9 Secrets How to Get Best Pose as Romantic Couples Hollywood Celebrity

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9 Secrets How to Get Best Pose as Romantic Couples Hollywood Celebrity

Travel Blog Reservasi – Yes, you know that a movie star always gives their best pic on social media. Almost celebrity knows how to stand firmly and to give the best pose when photographer wanna take their photo.

It doesn’t matter if your not famous as well as the celebrity, but somehow you still can try or imitate their pose. It would give you better insight when you face the camera.

These are secrets how to get the best pose. This photo will give your audience give your photo more likes and love in Instagram. Learn from mistakes and avoid taking picture many times after reading this article.

1. Stand firmly and gives your best smile


Don’t lower your head and stand firmly by hugging your partner gently. Look at the camera and give your best smile.

2. Close doesn’t mean too close


Give range and never grab your partner shoulder if he is taller than you. Hug your partner gently and try not to cover all of his or her body.

3. Never lean on your partner


Never lean on your partner, it doesn’t look elegant. Relax and grab your arm partner from back. Still stand firmly and bit raise your head.

4. Place your chin not your cheek


Stand behind your partner and place your chin slightly against his shoulder. It will cover your half of your body. Good news, it will help you looks thinner.

5. Avoid circle your partner’s body


Never cover your body’s partner with your arm and hands. Hug her slightly and still stand firmly.

6. Once again, never lean


Place your arms circling your body’s partner from behind. Keep your head higher than him. Don’t join your hands together.

7. Kiss gently


Never kiss your partner on the forehead. It will give you different POV by kissing her from the side.

8. Give range on your face


Still focusing on camera and never lean or too close to your partner.

9. Hug and kiss gently


Yes, circling your partner like this is a big mistake. The point is you still stand firmly and give range even if you still need to kiss her lightly.

Source: Brightside

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